Jerry’s for Fashion is a family owned business providing quality denim and fashion apparel at unbeatable prices, earning Jerry the name, “The King of the Jeans”, by his customers.

In 1956 Jerry opened at the corner of Jane and Wilson and established the business as Jerry’s Budget Centre carrying everything from men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, sporting goods, work boots to western wear. In 1973 he moved to his present location at 1625 Wilson Avenue, and changed his name to Jerry’s For Fashion. Changing our image with the demand for fashion from our customers Jerry’s original slogan, “You Name It, We’ve Got It”, has been his mantra that he adheres to for over 55 years. If he doesn’t have it, he will work hard to get it.


Jerry’s dedication to his customers and loyal staff has remained strong throughout the years. The staff at Jerry’s provides the one on one exceptional customer service that we pride ourselves on. Their knowledge in fitting jeans to each individual customer leaves them saying “It’s great to shop at Jerry’s”. Jerry’s solid commitment to his customers, attention to detail, and great prices makes Jerry’s your one stop shop for fashion.


It’s great to shop at Jerry’s